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Forum < Ekonomi, centralbanker, banker, marknader och aktier < Gerald Celente & filmen Obama Decpetion (med svensk text)
Gerald Celente & filmen Obama Decpetion (med svensk text)
2012-03-18 19:13 # 1
Gerald Celente är en väldigt inspirerande man..

Obama deception, svensk text. del 1 av 11

The debt in Greece did not originate in Greece it originated in these other countries, that have used Greece as a Toxic-Debt-Dump. To dump their debt now they want the Greeks to pay the debt. The Greeks of course will be unable to pay the debt. Max Keiser http://www.youtube.com/watch

Gerald Celente: Cradle of Democracy Robbed by Bankers 1/6

(Gerald Celente)..
So That´s all it is. And that´s what the people have to understand.
It´s about YOU, it´s about your dignity and courage and respect and passion. When people find more (of that) within themselves. Then everything will change.
And we have to stop this bottom line mentality, Everything that you BUY, everything that you WEAR, everything that you EAT make sure it´s quality, Less is more.
Whether it is in architecture or living well.
Buy quality ,support local and speak up and don´t let these political missionaries throw their proselytizing jive down your throat. http://www.youtube.com/
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