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Forum < Ekonomi, centralbanker, banker, marknader och aktier < Insane
2011-06-23 23:34 # 1
Sorry guys, I have to take this in english.
This is just so insane.
Bernanke admits more or less that he hasn't a clue as to why his policies are not working and what happens. Stocks tank, gold and silver go up and how do they react?
Attack of course.
Coordinated attack on oil, gold and silver.
Gold drops 1550 to 1520, silver drops 36 to 35 and oil really takes a hit.
Really people is this the best you can do? 30 dollars on gold and one on silver. BTFD.
The thing that amazes me most is that the dollar strengthens. People still want these worthless pieces of paper with numbers on.
The powers that be are destroying the market with manipulation solely to keep up the appearance that all is well. The dollar is strong and interests rates are held low. Strong of course is relative, there just isn't any other currency that is strong... They are not of course only doing this for the sake of appearances, as long as the fiat monster is running they can continue with the transfer of wealth to the rich.

Talk about paint yourself into a corner, there is nothing they can do to prevent what is coming. Stop pumping in money and raise rates and they are done for, there's no confidence in the market now, stocks will fall, inflation will rise to new levels and the US will fall. Keep pumping money and keep rates low and the dollar devalues, discontent grows and sooner or later there will be an explosion when people cannot take any more.

OK, what do we do now?
Any cash left? Buy more tangible assets which will survive including gold and silver.
Maybe it is time to go to work on that emergency store of storeable food, fuel, electricity generator, water supplies etc etc.
I'm really starting to feel this is getting closer and closer every day.
As a recent interview on KWN said, we don't need any more crises, we are at the point now, all it takes is a loss of confidence and the precious metals are going through the roof. It really is amazing that the dollar is still going when there is no fundamental reason for any strength at all.

Somewhat mixed up post this but there's just so much going on and I don't want to make this 4 pages long so I'll point you to a 'must read' which kind of sums it up.

Senast ändrad av Tel; 2011-06-23 23:35
2011-06-24 23:57 # 2
at the end, the only asset you can be sure of is yourself
2011-06-26 19:14 # 3
Ursprungligen postat av Goldfinger
at the end, the only asset you can be sure of is yourself

Actually, I would like to refine that to "the only asset you can be sure of is your own capabilities". Your physical body is unfortunately a liability whenever it requires maintanence. It is an asset when you put it to productive use.

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