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Forum < Ekonomi, centralbanker, banker, marknader och aktier < EPJ: How the Federal Reserve Just Hid Important Data
EPJ: How the Federal Reserve Just Hid Important Data
2013-07-13 12:00 # 1
Här kommer en intressant artikel från economicpolicyjournal.com.

How the Federal Reserve Just Hid Important Data

One of the most important data points released by the Federal Reserve has been the amount of excess reserves sitting at the Federal Reserve. Prior to Ben Bernanke paying interest on these reserves, they hardly climbed above $1 billion. After Bernanke announced that he would start paying interest on such reserves, they have skyrocketed. They are now nearly at $2 trillion.

Here's a chart from the St Louis Federal Reserve showing what happened:

This is important data because these reserves are sitting at the Fed and not in the economy bidding up goods and service. If banks start pulling this money out of the Fed and making loans with the money, the money supply will explode, as well as price inflation.

This must be watched closely. But notice something about this chart, the chart title says the series is discontinued. Got that? One of the most important data points is no longer reported by the Federal Reserve.

But is the data really no longer reported? Not quite. The Fed just changed the name for the data (and possibly altered its calculation slightly). The Fed is no longer reporting excess reserves, but instead is pretty much reporting the same thing as Balances maintained that exceed the top of the penalty- free band. This is a cute way for the Fed to erase the connection between pre-Bernanke excess reserves, the massive spike in reserves and the current situation. The data was reported in the old format for 54 years, that is since 1959.

You can see what the old format H.3 release was like and the long series of data, here: http://federalreserve.gov/releases/h3/20130705/. Notice the simple clear data with a column marked excess reserves. That data was from last week. Now take a look at the new data being put out under the same H.3 release, here: http://federalreserve.gov/releases/h3/current/

The excess reserve column is gone and replaced with Balances maintained that exceed the top of the penalty- free band. Notice that the new data point has just one data point, all the historical data about excess reserves is gone from the current release. Poof! Fifty four years of history, that show how Bernanke has created an insane excess reserves problem, is now relegated to the dust bins. From here on out, Balances maintained that exceed the top of the penalty- free band (formerly known as excess reserves) will show a starting number of $1.977 trillion, rather than the decades under $1 billion.
Senast ändrad av Silvermedia; 2013-07-13 12:02
2013-07-13 23:31 # 2
Så detta är förklaringen till att det inte är hyperinflation ännu, institutioner och banker väljer att lägga sina miljoners miljoner i Fed för att få ränta på dem.
2013-07-18 18:56 # 3
Syraks vishet
Hmmm, is this a typo or did the US mint sell 27.575 million oz of silver? If the US mint did this just goes to show you where everyone is putting their money
The US Mint has updated its Silver Eagles sales stats this evening to indicate a massive 27.575 million ounces sold in July, and 52.62 million oz sold for the year!
While we suspect the Mint has made a typo, perhaps Bernanke and Dimon have thrown in the towel on a taper and have dumped their personal July compensation into phyzz?

Enligt us mint såldes 8-9 gånger så mycket Oz silver än en vanlig månad ...
Än har de inte indikerat felskrivning !

Att silver varit över sålt , kan fler än jag intyga .
2013-07-18 19:52 # 4
Syraks vishet
Det verkar vara en feltryckning !
Summan som nämns ovan är den totala mängden som sålts , hittills i år .
Beklagar för fel som jag här har förmedlat ...

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